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Danny Banknotes Blog Contest

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Danny Banknotes Blog Contest

Danny Banknotes Blog Contest

I’ve had a new hobby for this summer… and you can guess it by seeing the picture above ^^
It’s about collecting old coins and banknotes and then resell it when the price goes up. This is another good way to earn money and to keep money as well as for the people who always like to spend money, be wise, you might not be comfortable reading this^^ hehe…

What is Danny Banknotes Blog doing? At here you can refer to his humble and slow growing collection of old banknotes and coins. Most of his collection is Malaysian Banknotes and coins. By the way, he also sells  some of his collections, you can check it out here: Danny’s Sales Page

@Eaxan @Sherly @4d2all want to learn what to collect for start? Here are some basics

The Basics of Coin and Banknotes Collecting
 Numismatics is the science, study or collection of coins, medals, tokens, banknotes and other similar objects. Believed to be the oldest hobby in the world, people have been collecting coins for as long as coins have been known to exist. The Roman Emperors are known to have collected coins from the Greek Empire, more than two thousand years ago. To read more, please click here.

Thanks for reading! Hope it doesn’t make makes you bored.