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May 18, 2011 Leave a comment

nice mv with beautiful girl and handsome guy + nice song and amazing music. great combination. woot.. can’t stop watching it over and over again…

2NE1’s Park Bom – Don’t Cry


Hope you enjoy tis mv.. do visit us often for more and any suggestions are appreciated.

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Jay Park – Abandoned (HD Version)

April 30, 2011 Leave a comment

nice song… enjoy !


April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Nice mv… Japanese version, guys ! Enjoy 🙂


April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

This MV has not allowed in my country so here’s the link:

New song, new mv, so must watch ^^ Hope you’ll like it ! By the way, do you like my blog ? I see many visitors but just a few who leaves comments ! Thanks for visiting my blog, anyway ! Do visit us often for more new posts !

Block B – 그대로 멈춰라 – Do U Wanna B?

April 14, 2011 Leave a comment

[Single – Do U Wanna B?] *Release Date : 2011.4.14 *Genre : Rap , Hip-hop
1. Wanna B
2. 그대로 멈춰라! – Title Song
3. 나만 이런거야?

* Singer : Block B
* Agency : 브랜드뉴스타덤
* Debut : 2011

Choi Si Young (최시영) – Bing Bing (빙빙) MV (HD)

April 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Nice song. The girl in this mv is so cute, pretty and adorable. The name of the song also very cute, Bing Bing (빙빙) 🙂

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Rania – DR Feel Good (Korean Ver.) – 1st Debut / Mini Album

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment

This is new ? According to the video poster this is a 1st Mini Album by this group. It has formed with members from Korea, China and Thailand. Well this group looks amazing to me. What about your opinions ?
Enjoy the mv below and leave some comments of how you feel about this group.

[Mini Album – Teddy Riley, The First Expansion In Asia] *Release Date : 2011.4.6 *Genre : Dance
1. DR Feel Good (English Ver.)
2. DR Feel Good (Korean Ver.) – Title Song
3. Masquerade (English Ver.)
4. DR Feel Good (Inst.)
5. Masquerade (Inst.)
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