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“Now More Than Ever: Just Write” by

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Now More Than Ever: Just Write. WordPress have just upgraded its dashboard bar. it looks nice and some new features available as well.

Here what it looks like now !

… it looks different in IE6. Might come up with some error message.

Other improvements such as “Approve and Reply” and etc.

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回見 – 劉璇 (女拳片尾曲)[HQ]

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Official TVB Series – Grace Under Fire Ending Song

Always when i listen to this song my tear automatically drop.. Why ar ? Although I yet to understand the song lyric but the music itself enough to really make one’s tears drop… a very touching and powerful song.. Love it so much.. hope you like it too.. i m not a girl but i can feel that this song is so touching…^^


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nice mv with beautiful girl and handsome guy + nice song and amazing music. great combination. woot.. can’t stop watching it over and over again…

2NE1’s Park Bom – Don’t Cry


Hope you enjoy tis mv.. do visit us often for more and any suggestions are appreciated.

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“Just A Dream” by Nelly – Christina Grimmie & Sam Tsui

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found this video very nicely made… it’s has been up for quite some time. but still it’s nice having it here.